Vancouver's Animal Rights UnConference

Join your fellow activists for two days of learning about taking effective action for animals. You have valuable skills, experiences, and ideas. By working and learning with others you can build a stronger community of animal advocates and make a greater difference in the lives of animals.



Animal Advocacy Camp will be a practical, attendee-led event, where YOU get to set the agenda and host discussions about what YOU want to talk about. 
  • Share your stories, ideas, and experiences. 
  • Learn from the experiences of others. 
  • Discover the wealth of resources available
  • Host powerful dialogues about issues and strategies. 
  • Create and strengthen relationships. 
  • Become a stronger and more effective advocate for animals.
Animal Advocacy Camp is a step in the direction of a strong and powerful Canadian animal rights movement. Bringing activists together to talk, plan, learn, and share together will lead to more effective activism and greater change.

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Listen to this podcast featuring Saturday's closing speaker, Sara Dubois and organizer, Glenn Gaetz.